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What to Expect When Being Represented by P:aul Definis Philadelphia Claims Public Adjusters​

If you are represented by a public adjuster, private adjuster, insurance appraiser or disaster consultant from P:aul Definis Philadelphia Claims Public Adjusters you can rest assured knowing the most reputable and accomplished public adjusters or insurance appraisers in the nation are assisting you with your insurance claim

We Are the Insurance Adjusting Experts Working Only for You

​Think of it this way, you turn over your taxes to a professional for a $2,000 refund, so why would you attempt to handle a $25,000, $50,000, or even $100,000+ insurance claim yourself? Unless you are experienced and trained in insurance claims as our public insurance adjusters are, then handling your own major loss would be like going to court without an attorney. Now would be the time to contact P:aul Definis Philadelphia Claims Public Adjusters. We know insurance, more importantly we know property insurance claims and how to maximize them.

We Care About Helping You Through a Tough Time

​At P:aul Definis Philadelphia Claims Public Adjusters, our team of public adjusters, insurance appraisers and disaster consultants are the most experienced and professional in the insurance adjusting and consulting industry. Each team member has the knowledge and training to successfully represent each client’s interests by maximizing the insurance claim settlement. Our company is recognized as one of the leading public adjusting firms in the nation, as well as internationally. One reason P:aul Definis Philadelphia Claims Public Adjusters is so successful is our customer service. Our company prides itself from the top down, on customer service. Our public adjusters, insurance appraisers and disaster consultants are all dedicated to assisting our clients and through our hard work in dedication we are able to obtain the results our clients deserve.​We are not part of a large franchise like some other more well-known public adjusting firms, by keeping ourselves independently owned and operated we are able to gauge each and every success story and maintain the level of expertise you deserve! A public adjuster, private adjuster, insurance appraiser and disaster consultant from our firm can all guarantee the same amount of care towards each of our clients.

Hire a Public Adjuster to Help and Represent You Today

Public adjusters have no conflict of interest when negotiating on your behalf with the insurance companies. ​Your public adjuster will be paid a small percentage from the overall claim when work is finished and you are satisfied.


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